Did you know? May 2015

A Black Flamingo has been photographed in Cyprus.
A photo of this rare, melanistic bird can be seen at the following website:

Two scientists at Cornell University have concluded that the common redpoll and the hoary redpoll are the same species, just with different different genetic expression, not different DNA.

A new book on woodpeckers has been published.  With 239 species accounts, written by well-known expert Gerard Gorman, is now available.  A detailed description and sample pages of this beautifully illustrated book, titled  Woodpeckers of the World: A Photographic Guide , can be seen on this webpage review by Donna Lynn  Schulman.

Strycker has reached a milestone on his quest to see 5,000 birds this year - 2265 birds -  half the birds of the Western Hemisphere (and he hasn’t even reached North America yet).  Follow Noah on his year-long birdquest (see the map, enter the contest, find out the name and contact info for guides he is using on this trip) at:

The northern lights have been very active this spring. Here’s a link to fantastic pictures from  some recent northern lights shows.