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Conservation Report - October 2020

MannsBy Tim Manns 

In this pandemic year and divisive political situation, focusing on birds has provided many of us escape and relief. But each time we return home, the day’s birding done, we remember the importance of this moment for the future of our country and of the environment, including birds. No one needs to be reminded how many environmental regulations have been weakened in the last 4 years, even the venerable, century-old Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the essential National Environmental Policy Act.

Audubon as a non-profit organization cannot suggest who to vote for, but Audubon can urge you to consider how important your choices are, how important your vote is, for the future of much we hold dear. More than any other election in our lifetimes, this one is about what kind of country and future we want. I suggest we want ours to be a country in which all people are respected and valued and have the opportunity to live healthy and fulfilling lives.  A country in which legislation passes and regulations are implemented addressing climate change in a way commensurate with the reality and seriousness of the problem.  And one in which government at every level values the birds and other wildlife that share this planet and restores and protects the habitat they need. There is much work to be done on specific issues in the weeks and months ahead, but what is most important right now is looking closely at the candidates for local, state, and federal offices and, in every way we can, including our votes, supporting those who share our love for the diversity of life on the only planet we’ll ever know.

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