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GARDENING FOR BIRDS – Attracting Birds to the Garden

From National Audubon – Bring Birds to Your Home with Native Species with photo of Orange Honeysuckle courtesy of Washington Native Plant Society Salal Chapter


By growing a native plant garden, each patch of habitat you create becomes part of a collective effort to repair and sustain the living landscape for birds.  Native plants provide essential, nourishing food as well as hosting many kinds of insects, particularly moth and butterfly caterpillars that young birds need to grow healthy and strong.

Another bonus is since native plants are adapted to local precipitation and soil conditions they don’t need artificial fertilizers or pesticides and generally require less upkeep.  These features save you time, money and water in addition to benefitting the environment.

By choosing the right native plants for your home you can become part of this collective effort.  To help you find out what particular native plant species grow in your area, National Audubon has developed a user-friendly database at


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