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Skagit Audubon Field Notes

Compiled by Ann Skinner

8/20/23 – 9/19/23

This column reports a summary of selected sightings. Rare sightings should be submitted with detailed written documentation and if possible, a photograph.  A second person to verify rare sightings is encouraged. Do not hesitate to contact any observer to help document unusual sightings.

Please submit your sightings to

For recent updates on bird sightings, check out ABA Tweeters and Skagit County Ebird List on the SAS website (Birding menu, Bird Sightings submenu).


Stilt sandpiper (2) Channel Dr., 9/4 (MS/JS)
Wandering tattler (1) RS, 8/24 (DH)
Spotted sandpiper (2) CI Secret Harbor, 8/25 (TM)

Osprey (4) EFI- in flight, 8/20 (RW)
Cooper’s hawk (1) EFI, 9/7 (RW)

Great-horned owl (2) EFI, 8/25 (RW)
Northern pygmy owl (1) SA, 9/5 (MS)
Barred owl, (2) PTF, 8/27 (MS/JS)

Red-breasted nuthatch (2) EFI, daily (AS)
White-breasted nuthatch (1) Cap Sante, 9/19 (JH)

Red-breasted sapsucker (3) SA, 9/9 (MS)
Pileated woodpecker (3) EFI, 8/29 (RW)

Olive-sided flycatcher (1) EFI, 9/4 (RW)

California scrub-jay (1) 9/10, MV (DH), daily (TM)
Steller’s jay (2) 8/26, EFI (RW)

Chestnut-backed chickadee (2) EFI, daily (AS)
Black-capped chickadee (3-4) EFI, daily (AS)

Purple martins (6) EFI- in flight, 9/3 (RW)

Varied thrush (song) EFI, 9/5 (RW)

Spotted towhee (2) EFI, daily (AS)
Black-headed grosbeak (2) EFI, 8/26 (RW)
Lincoln’s Sparrow (3) CI Secret Harbor, 8/25 (TM)

Yellow-rumped warbler (1) CI, 9/8 (AS)
Orange-crowned warbler (1) EFI, 8/26 (RW)
Wilson’s warbler (2) EFI, 8/25 (RW)
Black-throated grey warbler (1) EFI, 9/12 (RW)
Yellow warbler (2) EFI, 8/20 (RW)
Townsend’s warbler (1) EFI, 8/25 (RW)

Western Tanager (2) EFI, 9/12 (RW)

(SHIP) Ship Harbor; (SF) Samish Flats; (CL) Cranberry Lake; (EFI) East Fidalgo Island; (CISP) Camano Island State Park; (CS) Cap Sante; (PB) Padilla Bay; (RS) Rosario Strait (MV) Mount Vernon; (PTF) Pilchuck Tree Farm, Stanwood; (GV) Guemes Valley; (BUR) Burlington; (BLCA) Barney Lake Conservation Area (CI) Cypress Island ; (SA) Stanwood Area; (JS) Jeff Sinker; (MS) Mary Sinker; (AS) Ann Skinner; (RW) Regan Weeks (DH) Diana Hoffman (JH) Joe Halton


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