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Bird Sightings for April 2019

PamPritzlby Pam Pritzl

This column reports submitted sightings. Any rare sightings should be accompanied by detailed written documentation and if possible a photograph. A second person to verify rare sightings is extremely helpful. Do not hesitate to call any observer to help document unusual sightings. Also do not hesitate to call if you need clarification on locations.

Please submit your sightings to Pam Pritzl or 360-387-7024.

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Snow Goose huge flock at the east 90, Samish Flats on 4-6 (KR); hundreds in 2 flocks on the Samish Flats on 4-12 (AW); 500 flying over SWAWS on 4-16 (PP)

Trumpeter Swan 20 seen from Green Road on 4-12 (AW)

Tundra Swan 4 at Corkindale on 3-17 (RM)

Wood Duck pair at SWAWS on 4-9 (JO); pair at SWAHR on 4-9 (JO)



Virginia Rail 3 at SWAWS on 4-16 (PP)



American Bittern 1 at SWANF on 3-22 (PP)



Cooper's Hawk pair hunting at bird feeders at east Fidalgo home on 4-8 (RW)

Rough-legged Hawk 1 in the east 90 area, Samish Flats on 4-12 (AW); 1 on Josh Wilson Road, Burlington on 4-15 (TM)

Golden Eagle 1 on Butler Flats on 3-16 (GB)



Great Horned Owl pair hooting at east Stanwood home on 4-10 (MS)

Northern Pygmy-Owl 1 on fence post near east Stanwood home on 4-9 (MS)

Barred Owl pair hooting at Pressentin Park on 3-30 (GB)



Pacific-slope Flycatcher heard on 4-4 at east Fidalgo home (RW)

Black Phoebe 1 at SWAWS on 2-20 (YH); 1 at SWAWS on 4-9 (JO)

Say's Phoebe 1 at Corkindale on 3-17 (RM); 1 near Marblemount on 3-30 (GB)



Hutton's Vireo 4 on Little Mountain, Mount Vernon on 3-25 (TM)

Cassin's Vireo heard at east Fidalgo home on 4-6 (RW)



California Scrub-Jay 1 on Lincoln Hill, Mount Vernon on 4-15 (SB)



Tree Swallow 10 at Grandy Lake on 3-17 (GB); 20 at PSBTNC (restricted area) on 4-7 (JO); many at SWAWS on 4-9 (JO)

Violet-green Swallow 1 near Mount Erie, Anacortes on 3-20 (TM)

Cliff Swallow 1 at PSBTNC (restricted area) on 4-7 (JO)

Barn Swallow 2 at PSBTNC (restricted area) on 4-7 (JO); 1 at SWAWS on 4-9 (JO)



Marsh Wren 1 at SWAWS on 2-20 (YH)



Golden-crowned Kinglet 2 in Anacortes yard on 2-10 (YH)

Ruby-crowned Kinglet 1 at SWAWS on 2-6 (YH)



Western Bluebird 1 at Bryson Road on 3-23 (GB) RARE

Mountain Bluebird 2 on Rockport Cascade Road on 3-23 (GB)

Townsend's Solitaire 1 on Lincoln Hill, Mount Vernon on 3-26 (TM)



House Finch 1“yellow phase” seen several times in Anacortes yard in Feb. and Mar. (YH)

Red Crossbill 5 at Marblemount boat launch on 3-23 (GB)

American Goldfinch 35 at Marblemount on    3-17 (RM)



White-throated Sparrow 2 still present (since Nov 2018) at Camano Island home on 4-16 (PP)



Orange-crowned Warbler heard on 4-4 and 4-17 at east Fidalgo home (RW)

Common Yellowthroat 1 near Trumpeter Creek, Mount Vernon on 4-5 (TM); 2 at DeBay’s Slough on 4-7 (GB); 1 at SWAWS on 4-9 (JO); 1 at SWAHR on 4-9 (JO)

Yellow-rumped Warbler several at SWAWS on 2-20 (YH)

Wilson's Warbler heard at east Fidalgo home on 4-17 (RW)


(GB) Gary Bletsch; (SB) Suzanne Butler;  (YH) Yvonne Houppermans; (TM) Tim Manns; (RM) Ryan Merrill; (JO) Jeff Osmundson; (PP) Pam Pritzl; (PSBTNC) Port Susan Bay Nature Conservancy; (KR) Kerry Rye; (MS) Mary Sinker; (SWAHR)  Skagit Wildlife Area Hayton Reserve; (SWANFA) Skagit Wildlife Area North Fork Access; (SWAWS) Skagit Wildlife Area Wylie Slough; (AW) Andrea Warner; (RW) Regan Weeks


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