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Bird Sightings for March 2016

PamPritzl By Pam Pritzl

This column reports submitted sightings. Any rare sightings should be accompanied by detailed written documentation and if possible a photograph. A second person to verify rare sightings is extremely helpful. Do not hesitate to call any observer to help document unusual sightings. Also do not hesitate to call if you need clarification on locations.

Please submit your sightings to Pam Pritzl or 360-387-7024.

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Greater White-fronted Goose 2 on Cockreham Island on 2-26, 1 on 3-12 and 3-13 (GB)

Cackling Goose 4 on Cockereham Island on 3-13 (GB)

Tundra Swan 4 on Cockreham Island on 3-12 and 3-13 (GB)

Wood Duck 2 on Van Horn Ponds on 3-6 (GB)

Green-winged Teal 1 “Eurasian” on Samish Flats on 3-2 (RM)

Redhead 1 on Dugualla Bay on 3-11 (GB)

Long-tailed Duck 1 male and 1 female spotted by Fidalgo Bay rowers on 3-14 and 1 on 3-15 (JB); 1on Fidalgo Bay 3-24 (PL)



American Bittern 1 at Northern State Recreation Area on 3-11 (RH)



Red-tailed Hawk 1 “Harlans” on west side Bayview Edison Road (near outer dike) on 2-21, 26-28 (AW)

Rough-legged Hawk 1 dark morph on Estes Road on 2-20 (AW); 1 on fence post on Highway 20 near the Farmhouse Restaurant on 3-16 (LE)

Golden Eagle 1 at Dahlstad Road on 2-14 (AW)



American Kestrel 1 on Sullivan Road on 2-27 and 2- 28 (AW)

Merlin 1 on Butler Hill on 3-8 (RH); 1 on Moore Road, Skagit Flats on 3-19 (SAS)

Gyrfalcon 1 just south of Sullivan Road on 2-21 (AW); 1 immature on Avon Allen (south of Josh Wilson Road) on 3-8 (RH)

Peregrine Falcon 1 in corn field west of Samish Island Road (just north of the West 90) (AW)



Surfbird 15 at Rosario Head on 3-10 (RM)

Wilson's Snipe 31 at Gear Road on 3-11 (GB)



Mew Gull 125 on pilings (plus more in water) at Ship Harbor, Anacortes on 2-23 and 2-24 (AD & JaB)

Herring Gull 1 at Skagit River sandbar, Burlington on 2-27 (GB)

Thayer's Gull 1 in Burlington on 2-17 (GB)


Mourning Dove 80 at DeBay’s Slough on 2-21 (GB)



Northern Pygmy-Owl 1 at Martin Road on 2-20 (GB)



Rufous Hummingbird 1 on Guemes Island on 3-2 (DH); 1 at Corkindale Creek on 3-8 (RM)



Say's Phoebe 1 at Corkindale Creek on 2-24 (RM); 2 at Marblemount on 3-8 (RM)



Horned Lark 6 on Bryson Road on 2-16 (RM); 2 at Whitehorse Park (Darrington, WA) on 2-20 (GB)



Tree Swallow 12 at Iverson Spit, Camano Island on 3-5 (SAS); 30 at Eide Road on 3-5 (SAS)



Western Bluebird 1 at Marblemount on 3-8 (RM)

Mountain Bluebird 3 at Marblemount on 3-8 (RM)

Hermit Thrush 1leucistic in an Anacortes yard (JB)



American Pipit 200 at Jensen Access on 2-27 (GB); 60 on Moore Road, Skagit Flats on 3-19 (SAS)



Townsend's Warbler 1 at Burlington home 3-6 to 3-13 (LE) (See picture by Joe Halton on p.2)



Vesper Sparrow 1 on Thilberg Road on 2-21 (GB); 1 on Thilberg Road on 3-2 (RM) WINTERING BIRD STILL AROUND

Savannah Sparrow 2 at Thilberg Road on 2-21 (GB)

White-throated Sparrow 1 at Burlington home on 3-2 (LE)



Common Redpoll 1 at Sauk Prairie on 3-8 (RM)



 (GB) Gary Bletsch; (JB) Jackie Boss; (JaB) Jane Brandt; (AD) Ann Dursch;  (LE) Larry Edwards; (DH) Dyvon Havens; (RH) Ron Holmes; (PL) Priscilla Legg; (RM) Ryan Merrilll; (SAS) Skagit Audubon Society Field Trip; (AW) Andrea Warner


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