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Bird Sightings January 18 through March 18, 2015

PamPritzl By Pam Pritzl

This column reports submitted sightings. Any rare sightings should be accompanied by detailed written documentation and if possible a photograph. A second person to verify rare sightings is extremely helpful. Do not hesitate to call any observer to help document unusual sightings. Also do not hesitate to call if you need clarification on locations.
Please submit your sightings to Pam Pritzl at or 360-387-7024. 

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Greater White-fronted Goose 2 on Minkler Flats on 1-24 (GB)
Snow Goose 1 “blue” goose on the Samish Flats on 2-16 and 3-4 (JB)
Wood Duck 2 at Milltown on 2-13 (GB); 2 pair at Gages Slough, Burlington, on 3-13 and 3-18 (RH)

Duck Wood Male RH2Wood Duck Photo by Ron Holmes

Eurasian Wigeon 10 at the West 90 on 2-20 (BK); 2 near Cockreham Island on 2-28 (GB); 9 on the Samish Flats on 3-17 (PP)
Canvasback 2 on Beaver Lake on 2-13 (GB); 1 on Beaver Lake on 2-17 (BK); 1 on Lake Erie on 3-7 (SAS)
Redhead 1 on Lake Erie on 1-25 (GB); 4 on Lake Erie on 3-7 (SAS)
Black Scoter 1 drake off March Point on 2-8 (GB)
Long-tailed Duck 33 at Samish Island Public Beach on 2-20 (BK)

Ruffed Grouse 1 at Barnaby Slough on 3-7 (GB)

Pacific Loon 80 on Utsalady Bay (Skagit Bay) on 2-17 (PP)

Turkey Vulture 1 at Butler Hill on 3-4 (RH); 4 flying over Mt. Erie on 3-7 (SAS); 1 near Green Road, Burlington on 3-8 (TM)

Red-tailed Hawk 1 light morph Harlan’s on Samish Flats on 2-14, 3-7 and 3-13 (AW)
Rough-legged Hawk 1 dark morph male on Estes Road on 2-14 (AW)
Golden Eagle 1 on Samish Flats on 2-21 (GB); 1 at the Samish T on 2-21 and 1 on Sullivan Rd on 3-7 (AW)

Spotted Sandpiper 1 in La Conner on 3-10 (BK, KK)
Lesser Yellowlegs 1 appears to be wintering at the Skagit Game Range, seen on 2-28 and 3-8 (GB) rare in winter
Marbled Godwit 1 at March Point on 3-14 (GB)
Long-billed Dowitcher 3 at Big Indian Slough on 3-14 (GB, originally found by KK)

Rhinoceros Auklet 60 off Green Point, Washington Park, Anacortes, on 3-1 (GB)

Western Gull 3 at Jensen Access on 2-13 (GB)
Herring Gull 1 at Jensen Access on 2-13 (GB)
Thayer's Gull 1 at Burlington on 1-18, 2 on 2-5, and 1 on 2-7 (GB)
Glaucous Gull 1 at Burlington on 2-5 (GB)

Mourning Dove 54 off March Point on 2-8 (GB)

Western Screech-Owl 1 in Hockson-Hoogdal area on 2-10 (GB)
Great Horned Owl 1 at Butler Hill on 3-19 (RH); 2 at the Skagit Game Range on 3-21 (SAS)
Northern Pygmy-Owl 1 at Rockport SP on 1-17 (GB)
Short-eared Owl 4 on Samish Flats on 2-23 (RH); 1 on Samish Flats on 3-12 (RH); 2 at the West 90 on 3-17 (PP)

Rufous Hummingbird 1 male at Camano Island home on 2-28 (PP)

American Kestrel 1 female at Butler Flats on 2-21 and3-17 (RH)
Merlin 1 at North 90 on 3-7 (AW)
Peregrine Falcon 1 on Sunset Road on 3-7 (AW); 1 on Samish Island Road on 3-7 (AW); 1 on Sullivan Road on 3-17 (PP)

Say's Phoebe 1 at Corkindale on 3-16 (GB); 2 near Marblemount on 3-18 (BK, KK)

Northern Shrike 1 at Channel Drive on 3-8 (KK)

Hutton's Vireo 1 at Camano Island home from 1-29 to present (PP); 1 at Judy Reservoir on 2-13 (GB)

Horned Lark 6 on Valley Road near LaConner on 3-21 (SAS)

Tree Swallow 50 at Lake McMurray on 2-22 (GB); 3 at Green Road Marsh on 3-8 (TM)
Violet-green Swallow 1 each at Clear Lake and Beaver Lake on 3-14 (GB)
Barn Swallow 1 at the Skagit Game Range on 1-25 (GB)

Bushtit pair at nest feeding young at the Skagit Game Range on 3-7 (KK)

Bushtit JH2Bushtit Photo by Joe Halton

American Dipper 2 at Pomona Grange County Park on 2-17 (BK)

Mountain Bluebird 3 near Marblemount on 3-16 (GB); 2 near Marblemount on 3-18 (BK, KK)

Cedar Waxwing 39 on Lincoln Hill, Mount Vernon on 3-12 (TM)

Northern Waterthrush 1 at the Skagit Game Range on 1-25 and 2-13 (GB); 1 at the Skagit Game Range on 2-7 and 2-24 (BK, KK)
Orange-crowned Warbler 1 in La Conner on 3-10 (BK, KK); 1 at suet feeder at home in Anacortes on 3-17 (JBo)
Yellow Warbler 1 male on suet in Burlington backyard on 3-18 (LE)

White-throated Sparrow 1 in Sedro-Woolley on 2-5 (GB); 1 at the Skagit Game Range on 2-16 (JB); 1 at the Skagit Game Range on 2-24 (BK, KK)
Dark-eyed Junco 1 “slate-colored” male at Butler Hill on 3-12 (RH)  

Western Meadowlark 3 along Burmaster Road on 3-5 (BK)
Brown-headed Cowbird 1 male at Samish Flats on 3-12 (RH)

Red Crossbill flock feeding on Douglas fir cones, Goose Rock, Deception Pass SP on 2-15 (CEG); 4 pair regularly seen at Camano Island home during March (SRP)
Evening Grosbeak 15 at Butler Hill on 3-17 (RH)


(JB) Joan Bird; (JBo) Jackie Boss; (LE) Larry Edwards; (GB) Gary Bletsch; (CEG) Carolyn and Ed Gastellum; (RH) Ron Holmes; (BK) Bob Kuntz; (KK) Kraig Kemper; (TM) Tim Manns; (PP) Pam Pritzl; (SRP) Sheila and Ron Pera; (SAS) Skagit Audubon Society Field Trip; (AW) Andrea Warner


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