Field Trip Apr. 4, 2018 - Spring Migrants: From Songbirds to Shorebirds Wiley Slough/Fir Island Farms Reserve Access

About a dozen intrepid and hardy souls turned out in the wind and rain to walk the Wylie Slough game range.  Early rain eventually let up and transitioned to a moderate but steady wind.  Participants from as far south as Seattle and north to Bellingham joined in the search for early migrants and other birds.  We were rewarded with a large group of greater yellowlegs estimated at between 45 and 55.  There was also breeding plumage dunlin foraging in a nearby field for easy observation.  At one point the area was buzzed by a peregrine falcon.  We logged about 32 species as the group grew smaller with increased wind.  The Hayton Reserve was even windier and our short visit was highlighted by an eagle sitting on a nest and a few of the commonly seen species.  All day long we had large flocks of snow geese flying overhead in a spectacular display.