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April Meeting-Presented on Zoom Only (no in-person attendance)

“Who’re You Calling a Bird Brain”

Presented by: Kim Adelson

Tuesday, April 11th at 7:00 pm
Please join us for this month’s meeting which will be held on Zoom only (no in-person attendance). To attend the Zoom event, please register at:  Preregistration for Zoom is required and please only one Zoom registrant per household.  After you register, you will receive an email with the link to sign in at the time of the event. If you register and are unable to attend the Zoom event, please cancel your registration.  Thank you. Questions? Contact  

For hundreds of years, birds have been considered stupid and incapable of advanced thought or learning; thus the derogatory phrase “bird brain”. Do birds deserve this bad rap? Are they truly less intelligent than mammals? Recent research has demonstrated that some birds have remarkably strong cognitive skills, comparable to monkeys and apes. Some can form abstract concepts; some display prodigious memories; some make and use tools; and some can make complex inferences. Please join us to discover surprising mental abilities exhibited by a wide variety of birds!

Kim Adelson is the Vice President of both Black Hills Audubon and the Friends of Nisqually National Wildlife Refuge, and frequently gives presentations on birds, their evolution, effects of climate change, and other topics. She was a college professor for 30 years, and has a master’s degree in Evolutionary Biology and a doctorate in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. She is passionate about preserving our beautiful habitat and the wildlife it contains.

Note:  If you missed the excellent March 14th presentation on Rough Legged Hawks by Jeff Kidd and Neil Paprocki, a link to the YouTube recording follows:


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