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“A Dead Tree’s Wonderful Adventure”
Presented by Ken Bevis
Tuesday, April 13, 7:00 PM

Apr meetingEver wonder what happens when a tree dies in the forest? Lots. This presentation offers an overview of the dynamic of dead trees in the forest; their transition from standing snag, to down log, to soil, and all of the organisms that respond to, and indeed are tied to, this dynamic set of processes. Particular attention is paid to the Primary Cavity Excavators, or woodpeckers, birds who act as keystone species and make cavities in standing dead trees, or snags, providing habitat for themselves and many other species. Management techniques to maintain and create dead wood structures on the landscape are described, and we hope that at the end of this talk, if you weren’t a believer in the many values to dead wood in the ecosystem, you will be. Ken might even throw in a song!

Ken is the Stewardship Biologist for the Washington Department of Natural Resource's Small Forest Landowner office.  Ken is originally from Virginia and has lived in Washington since 1986. He has worked for the U. S. Forest Service, Yakama Indian Nation, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (15 years) and now, DNR.  He has a Master of Biology from Central Washington University, where he studied woodpeckers and dead trees and holds a BS in Forestry and Wildlife from Virginia Tech. He was a spotted owl biologist for the Yakama Indian Nation for 5 years after graduate school, then moving to the WDFW, working in forest harvest review and grant writing for a decade. A five-year stint in salmon recovery project development followed in the upper Columbia. He now works as an advisor and teacher for small forest landowners across the state, providing habitat consultations on small private forest lands. He frequently gives workshops and programs for Washington State University Extension and various other groups. He is a singer/songwriter, is still fascinated with dead trees and works to find humor in everything.

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If you missed the excellent March 9th presentation about Leque Island by Loren Brokaw, or want to watch it again, a recording is now available for viewing at the following link:


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