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Birds, Backyard Habitat and Beyond A Film by Craig and Joy Johnson


 Johnsons color

Tuesday, October 14, 2014
          7:00 Social; 7:30 Program
         Padilla Bay Interpretive Center
         10441 Bayview-Edison Road
          Mt. Vernon, Washington 


Puget Sound area watercolor artist and photographer Craig Johnson, with his wife and writer Joy Johnson, have created a DVD that beautifully  illustrates what can happen when native habitat is allowed to flourish even in as small a space as a suburban backyard. The Johnsons illustrate the delights possible by recording the birds and other creatures that visit their backyard.

This remarkable film provides a window to behaviors never before recorded here. A panoply of creatures forage for food, raise young, maintain their plumage, battle for territory and much more. The original film has been expanded to contain over 65 bird species and numerous other native creatures interacting with native habitat, as Craig continues to capture bird behaviors on video.

Craig and Joy Johnson have created and published four books containing colorful, close-up photographs of birds mostly found in the Puget Sound area. Their latest photo book is titled Our Pacific Northwest Birds & Habitat. Check out their website:



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