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September Program - Adventures With Dragonflies


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by James S. Walker


Tuesday, September 9, 2014
7:00 Social; 7:30 Program
Padilla Bay Interpretive Center
10441 Bayview-Edison Road
Mt. Vernon, Washington

Dragonflies are fascinating creatures, with a rich heritage of folklore and fables that vary greatly from culture to culture.  European cultures tend to see dragonflies as dangerous, malevolent, and even deadly.  Asian and Native American cultures see them as signs of good luck, prosperity, and longevity.  The facts about dragonflies are even more interesting than the fables:

•    They have six legs, but can’t walk.
•    They have acute vision, but can’t hear.
•    They predate dinosaurs, but are still going strong today.

Professor James Walker shares his enthusiasm for dragonflies in a lively, humorous lecture and slideshow that includes his own slow-motion videos of dragonflies bathing and spin-drying on the wing, in addition to other interesting behaviors.  Known to his friends as “The Dragonfly Whisperer,” Professor Walker will even share tips on how to coax a dragonfly to perch on your finger!

Walker is a retired professor of theoretical physics from Washington State University, where he was the Boeing Distinguished Professor of Science and Mathematics Education.  The author of several university-level textbooks on physics, Professor Walker and his wife Betsy divide their time between Western Washington and Arizona, and enjoy birding and dragonflying in both locations.

Learn more about dragonflies at his blog:

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