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President's Message from Jeff Osmundson, April 2021

MannsBy Jeff Osmundson

Between our member meetings, newsletters, and special email messages you probably know that our annual elections are coming up this June.  We are accepting nominations through the member meeting in April.  All positions are available if you would like to nominate yourself or someone else.  I’d like to highlight a short summary of the positions that have no candidates as well as a couple of board member statements about what being on the board has meant to them.

President – no candidates (Jeff O has volunteered to stay one more year unless there is a candidate).

Vice President  from Denny:  Gratitude  - "a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation". Gratitude is what I feel when I think about my time on the board of Skagit Audubon. I'm grateful to have been welcomed aboard, to have my opinions heard and respected, and to contribute to meaningful and positive initiatives such as the Skagit Audubon scholarship at Skagit Valley College and the fall birding event "The Big Sit". Most of all, I'm grateful that joining the board introduced me to a friendly and dedicated group of community members that share my conservation ethic.

Secretary  from Don (Acting Secretary):  Participating on the SAS board is an opportunity to synergistically contribute to the operation and continuation of an organization working toward improving humankind’s stewardship of our isolated home – Mother Earth. It is like singing in a choir uplifting the spirits of a gathering crowd as opposed to standing alone on a street corner singing to the passersby.

We currently have several good candidates for at Large Directors (formerly Representatives).  If you have someone who you feel would be a good candidate please forward a nomination.

An area where we could use a little more help is in our technology administration.  Currently Kim Nelson and Carla Helm administer our Zoom meetings.  They could use a little backup.  It is fun and easy, just ask them.

From Kim.  I love to connect people of all ages and backgrounds to nature and birds, which is very convenient because it also happens to be a big part of Skagit Audubon's mission. As a Skagit Audubon board member, I am proud of the impact we have made in our local community. I have learned so much from my fellow board members about local conservation issues, advocacy efforts, educational outreach, financial management, and local birds. Additionally, I have also really enjoyed participating in regional meetings as well as building relationships with our community partners and general members. I look forward to continuing to be expand our conservation and outreach efforts for many years to come.

Please consider if you have the time and energy to share with Skagit Audubon.  The group has been doing great sharing the workload, but we could always use a little more help. 

Until next month, stay safe, wear a mask, and wash your hands.  What’s the best time to go bird watching?   When you can!

Jeff Osmundson, President


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