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President's Message from Jeff Osmundson, November 2020

MannsBy Jeff Osmundson


This week we found our 2021 Audubon calendar in the mail.  It made me think how much we’d really like to close the books on 2020!  But, unfortunately we have unfinished business this year.  Many of us feel like doing something but are not sure what to get done first.  Here is my idea for three things you can do this week that may make a difference.

First – VOTE!  You may get this newsletter before Nov. 3 so please, if you have not already voted, do it right now.  Some Washington Counties have estimated a return approaching 85%.  Let’s make that happen or exceed it.

Second – Get a flu shot!  Medical experts strongly recommend flu vaccine each fall, usually in October.  This year it may be all the more important with the risk of Covid.  In most years there are 34,000-43,000 deaths in the US from influenza.  In particularly bad years there could be as many as 60,000-80,000 like there were in 2017-2018.  Please consider getting a flu shot this fall.  It does not make you more susceptible to Covid.  And, it cannot give you the flu.

Lastly – Buy a Duck Stamp!  What’s that?

2020 2021FederalDuckStampUSFWSIt is part art, part valid license to harvest waterfowl and part program of conservation.  According to the US Fish and Wildlife Service:  “Buying a Federal Duck Stamp is among the simplest ways that anyone can participate in wildlife and habitat conservation… Ninety-eight percent of your purchase goes directly to protecting wetlands and associated habitats to benefit birds and other wildlife (and people, too). For your investment, you receive the ‘thank you gift’ of a beautiful and collectible miniature work of wildlife art.”  Follow this link for information on where to purchase a Duck Stamp:    Buying a Duck Stamp also shows a willingness to cooperate with other organizations and groups, including hunters, who share some of the same values as Audubon.  Many of our Skagit Audubon members make it a yearly practice.  Will you too?  (Photo credit: 2020-21 Federal Duck Stamp USFWS)

If you get those three things done this week you will have done something for democracy, something for your health and something for the environment.

Who says we can’t get anything done!

Jeff Osmundson, President


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