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PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE from Jeff Osmundson, April 2020

MannsBy Jeff Osmundson

Greetings Skagit Audubon Members and Friends,

Well, this is different!  I expected to be writing about spring migration, the changing seasons, spring field trips or some other exciting topic.  Instead we are canceling meetings and trips and hunkering down with family and only close friends – at a distance of at least six feet.

While we know this coronavirus, or COVID-19, will pass eventually, we need to have patience and tolerance for a while yet.  Difficult situations may often bring out qualities in us that otherwise might not have risen to the surface.  We need to care enough about the at risk people in our lives to avoid exposing them to risk, but at the same time making sure they are safe.  We can call our neighbors or friends to say hi, offer to shop for those that cannot, offer to do some chores around town or in the yard, and simply offer support.

While some are hoarding toilet paper and grabbing the last chicken in the cooler we can take a deep breath, realize this will last a little while and tackle this problem with dignity and grace.

  • Think of others; even if you are not at risk. Don’t be so cavalier that you put others in jeopardy.
  • Get outside and go hiking or birding. This pastime that has brought us together can also be a wonderful diversion and a mental health boost.
  • Practice patience!

With any luck we will soon be back at our membership meetings and enjoying wonderful presentations.  We will get out to field trips and enjoy the company of others while we enjoy the natural beauty around us.

Until then, be safe and healthy.


Skagit Audubon

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Skagit Audubon Society holds monthly meetings on the second Tuesday of each month except for the months of July and August. We meet at 7:00 pm at Padilla Bay Interpretive Center (Google map), 10441 Bayview-Edison Rd. Mount Vernon. Meetings are open to all.

The board of directors meets at the same location at 7:00 pm on the first Tuesday of each month, except for the months of July and August.