nuthatch By Irene Perry


Welcome to Skagit Audubon

Skagit Audubon offers opportunities to connect with nature year-round. Our monthly programs run September through June. Guest Speakers present topics including birds, wildlife, geology, photography, environmental research, ecology and nature travel to name a few. Mark your calendars to attend a program each second Tuesday of the month at the Padilla Bay Interpretive Center. Arrive at 7:00 p.m. for a fun social time before the program begins at 7:30. Most programs are free and open to the public.

Check our calendar each month for field trips and hikes. All levels of birding experience are welcome on field trips. Libby Mills continues to chair our field trip committee. If you would like more information on attending, leading or suggested locations, please contact Hikes are planned each Wednesday with varying degrees of difficulty. Our active hikers are led by Joan Melcher. Hiking locations include trails in Skagit County and beyond. For more information, contact Carpooling is encouraged to field trip and hiking locations. Remember if you're driving, you may need a Discover Pass or U. S. Forest Service parking permit. Riders should help with the driver's expense. Be a part of reducing fossil fuel emissions.

Our board continues to grow. At the June general meeting, members voted to add two new Representative positions. Many returning board members are past presidents, chairpersons and representatives who continue to volunteer their time and talents to keep our chapter strong, active and a recognized advocate for environmental causes in our communities. Ron Holmes has moved from Representative to Secretary. A special welcome to new board members, Neil O'Hara, Treasurer, Mary Sinker, Publications; and Representatives, Jeff Osmundson, Scott Petersen and Katherine O'Hara. Past President's will be leading our chapter meetings. If you are interested in becoming a board member or would like to attend a board meeting, please contact, Irene Perry, Immediate Past President, Board Meetings are held first Tuesday of the month September through June at the Padilla Bay Interpretive Center conference room, 7:00 p.m.

Whether you're a returning member or new to our chapter please plan to attend at least one event or activity each month, inform others on conservation issues important to you and invite a friend, relative or new neighbor to a program, field trip or hike. Membership is encouraged for $20.00 per household each year. Pam Pritzl, Membership Chair, will answer any questions regarding membership, Membership forms are available through our newsletter and on our website. Our mission is watching birds, protecting habitat and connecting with nature. Spread the word and share this mission with others. Get involved and together we'll make a difference.