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President's Message, February 2016

Irene By Irene Perry


Kinglet Ruby crowned JH4 Ruby-crowned Kinglet - Photo by Joe Halton

For the Love of Birds

Your Skagit Audubon education committee sponsors the Featured Bird information on our website for members and site visitors to learn more and perhaps develop a passion for the birds of Skagit County.

At the Featured Bird has information about birds and locations to view those birds in our area each month. Some of the birds are year-round residents while others may be migrating or irruptive species. Helpful hints on identification are given along with breeding, nesting and other bird specific behaviors to look for when these birds are viewed on field trips and during your own outdoor adventures. The Featured Bird can be a bird to look for each month.

The Education Committee is having a contest during the social half-hour at our February monthly meeting. The contest will have five questions about Featured Birds. One name from all correct entries will be drawn to win a prize sponsored by the Skagit Wild Bird Supply store. If you want to brush up and revisit some of the past Featured Birds, you can find these articles under the heading Education on our website.

All are welcome to attend our monthly meeting and participate in the Featured Bird Contest. Good Luck!


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