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President's September 2014 Message

phil wright By Phil  Wright

For the last several months the Website Committee has been working on a new website. We hired a professional web developer, Art Shotwell of Anacortes, to design and implement it. After it went live in May, Ron Pera took over again as Webmaster and does frequent updates with new information. Our intent was to provide you more information about our activities and make it more readily accessible. For example, under the menu “Activities” there are various views of our calendar and all activities including programs, field trips, and hikes beginning last spring.  

Another objective has been to bring you the best information that we could find on the internet. We hoped to make it easier for you to learn more about birds and to familiarize you with the activities of our state and national Audubon organizations. See “Resources” for the best websites we could find. We hope you will find the new information useful.  The new website is also designed to be easily readable on smart phones and tablets.

The “Birding” menu is meant to provide you with better information on birding in Skagit County and Washington State with improved site descriptions (“Birding Skagit”) and better “Checklists”. The “County Arrivals” menu was added to expose you to Skagit County data on

The Education Committee menus present you with all new information. For example, look at the “Featured Bird” article on the “Home” Page. Also, “Did You Know?” features interesting articles. The second item: “Birdsnap”, is a clever and handy one-page reference combining bird taxonomy, pictures and sounds all on one page. The content on both of these menus will change frequently so take a look on a regular basis.

An all-new and extensive “Conservation” section will be published over the next few weeks including ”Conservation News and Issues”, “Conservation Essays”, “Important Bird Areas”, “Citizen Science” and others areas and will give you a good understanding of many of the most important conservation issues.

One of the benefits of the new website technology is that it allows us to save the monthly Skagit Flyer information so you don’t have to look through old Flyers.  You can access previous months’ articles at the bottom of “Programs” (in “Activities”), “Bird Sightings” (in “Birding”), and “Featured Bird” (on “Home” Page, and in “Education”).  Enjoy discovering our new website!



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