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SAS hosts event ar Wylie Slough

SKAGIT AUDUBON hosted an educational event for the public at Wylie Slough on Sat., May 8th and although it was scaled back due to ongoing COVID requirements, it sure felt good to be able to engage with people and share the joy of spring birding.  Wiley Slough offers remarkably diverse and yet inter-connected habitats that continually draw a wide variety of bird species throughout the year.  Spring birding is no exception and the interdependence between birds and the estuary/wetland habitat at Wiley is a great educational opportunity.

FlyerWylieHoffmanforRonMembers of the public were able to see some of the SAS mounted birds, ask questions and look through scopes for close-up views of some of the more distant shorebirds (Dowitchers and Yellowlegs).  The nesting Great-blue Heron was in full view and the male Great-horned Owl was napping in a tree just off the main trail, not surrounded by branches and leaves! 

Thank you Kim Nelson, Jane Brandt, Sheila and Ron Pera, Alan Brewer, Di Hoffman, Jeff Osmundson, Tim Manns, John Day, and Neil O’Hara for all the work before, during and after the event. 


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