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From Your Editor - by Mary Sinker

Imagine an entire series of maps designed for birders to find the best birding areas in all parts of Washington State – could something like this exist – yes, it does!  Known as the Great Washington State Birding Trail, a project from Washington State Audubon and numerous agencies, communities, and Audubon chapters, seven distinctive routes have been developed covering the entire state.

Produced in full color, maps covering the routes are:  Cascade Loop, Coulee Corridor, Olympic Loop, Palouse to Pines Loop, Puget Loop, Southwest Loop, and Sun and Sage Loop.  On the front side of each map is a full color map and each birding area has a number showing its location on the route.  Turn the map over and you will find the birding areas listed in numerical order.  

Detailed information including birds commonly seen, directions, site information, and other tidbits are included for each location.  Depending on where you live, some of these sites may be right in your backyard or an easy day trip.  Planning a longer trip to string together numerous sites, or even connecting loops together, is another way to use these maps.  Numerous rural communities are located along the routes, so if you plan to stay overnight or grab a coffee or a meal from a local business, you are helping to support their economy and to protect the surrounding natural area that birds depend on.   

More information and how to order maps available at:

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