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FROM YOUR EDITOR - April 21, by Mary Sinker

RBSapsuckerSinkerMaryI was recently, and rather loudly, reminded that spring has arrived.  One of our resident, Red-breasted Sapsuckers was drumming on the metal exterior fireplace vent.  This reverberates through the house like a jackhammer!  I don’t mind.  Having this handsome fellow feel safe and secure around the house brings a big smile to my face, even if my face is still buried in my pillow before 7 AM on a weekend morning! 

Red-breasted Sapsuckers use a wide variety of habitats, including orchards, coniferous forests, mixed woods, and riparian areas.  These resourceful woodpeckers diligently maintain their sap wells – a series of small, neatly drilled, and evenly spaced holes around tree trunks.  They not only drink the sap that collects here but return to eat insects that are drawn to the sap.  We have a lot of snags and dead tree limbs on our property, so I’m confident he and his mate – once he finds one – will select a good home for the nesting season. 


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